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Perhaps the world’s greatest fly fishing adventure.  Taimen grow to immense sizes and hammer flies with a predatory aggression unlike any other freshwater fish.  Traveling anglers return year after year to Mongolia’s remote streams to experience the challenge and joy of taimen fishing.

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Canyon Adventures

Fly fish for trophy taimen and hungry trout through a spectacular limestone and granite valley.  Cast from drift boats or wade/walk between unique camps with one of the world’s best professional guide teams.  The trip for anglers who enjoy a bit more comfort with their adventure.

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Taimen fishing float trips in Mongolia



We pack the entire camp – boats and all – onto camels to travel deep into the Mongolian wilderness.  A wonderful  trip for the traveling angler ready for a bit more challenge than the average fly fishing adventure.

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Taimen fishing expeditions in Mongolia



Our very well-appointed taimen camps located one day’s float apart.  Guests and guides drift between camps, fishing a fresh stretch of secluded river each day.  Wood burning stoves, hot showers, terrific meals, fine wines, professional staff and taimen out the front door.

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Taimen Fishing Camps in Mongolia

World Class

Trout Fishing

Incredibly robust trout and grayling populations.  Species include the Siberian trout (lenok), Mongolia’s version of a very large cutthroat.  Epic dry fly fishing for these golden beauties with prolific mayfly hatches and great hopper action.

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World Class Trout Fishing in Mongolia



Our objective is to protect taimen and their habitat.  Through exclusive conservation management agreements, we are actively conserving two of Mongolia’s healthiest taimen fisheries covering more than six-hundred kilometers of water.

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Taimen conservation and catch and release in Mongolia


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To learn more or book a trip with Fish Mongolia and Mongolia River Outfitters, please contact us directly or inquire with your favorite fly-fishing agency.

We are proud to be the first and only Orvis Endorsed fly fishing operations in Asia.

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What Our Clients Say

The trip worked so well because the people on it were simply fantastic, and the organisation that went into putting us lot truly into the wilds in a way that we could easily deal with it was seamless – huge thanks guys.

– Henry Gilbey, UK

The river valley is absolutely stunning – a wide river alternating between rapids and deep pools, a wildflower laced valley floor and big high cliffs like bookmarks on either side. We had the entire river to ourselves.

– Nathan W., USA

The Fish Mongolia operation is one of the slickest float trips any of us have experienced.  To find fish of this size living in such an incredibly beautiful river is mind blowing.

– Peter McCleod, Aardvark McLeod, UK

Having experienced one of your luxury float trips along with the incredible fishing… I realized my dream of 23 years when I finally hooked into that taimen of a life time.

– Alex M., Mauritius

I wanted to thank you and your team for arranging an incredible trip to Mongolia. Our group had a fantastic time and it would be safe to say that it exceeded all our expectations.

– Kelvin Ng, Singapore

We will be delighted to join in this fishing trip next summer and to spend time with your team there on the river once again.

– Tom B., USA

This was my third trip to Mongolia: the scenery was spectacular, with fall colors showing in the larch forests lining the rocky hills along the way; and the fishing was the best ever. In a word, it was exceptional.

– Tom G., USA

A place that we all consider one the most magical fly fishing destinations in the world.

– Brian Gies, Fly Water Travel

An amazing trip – great company, great fishing and a totally beautiful river in wild and still unspoilt countryside.

– Matt B., USA

Thank you for the wonderful trip to Mongolia in June last year.  I can truthfully say that it was the best trip I have ever made.

– George R., UK

It’s a spectacular river and I appreciate your company’s efforts to protect the resource.  I’d like to float it again, maybe next summer.

– John B., USA
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